The School of Innovation was launched 4 years ago from my studio in Woodstock, Cape Town. It was born out of the desire to teach people, all types of people, how to think out of the box; believe in themselves and celebrate their ideas by bringing them to life.

I prototyped this for 2 years and it went well. We were able to celebrate a wide range of concepts that were born from the same place. This is beautiful because we are all unique with our very own unique perspectives. The more we can understand each other's perspective the greater the experience we can have from the world we live in and the people in our lives.

There came a stage where I realised that although I was trying to teach something new, the background formating I was relying on was an old unnecessary system. When this came to light I knew that I needed to rethink how I was doing this. If I didn't authentically instigate this with an adaptive, versatile base I would run into a dead end. So I closed the studio; went to live on a farm; built large landscape art; and collaborated with people in a way that showed me how to construct the new version of The School of Innovation. 

I am excited to say the School has reopened. Its global. We opened in July with the first course in Denmark; a collaboration with Satkaya Education.
Before the end of October we will be announcing a new range of courses and services.

We will also be looking at growing a community of teachers who are teaching people to learn through their imagination; believe beyond what's possible and trust their instincts. If you are interested to be in this community please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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